CoreB Group

Core B group is the most innovative ISO9001:2015 certified company in trailer industry. Core B group deals in earthmoving machineries import & export, Iron & Aluminum trading, Vehicle bodies’ fabrication, trailer parts manufacturing business and prefabricated structures.

Core B group is the first company which introduces aluminum trailer and 52 tonner trailer with 4018 TT in India in collaboration with HINDALCO. Core B group was established in 2017 under the headship of “Mr. Jay kumar Mulchandani”(Director) with production capacity to 800 trailers per annum and has recently increased the production capacity to 2000 trailers per annum with establishment of automated and integrated state of art manufacturing plant at Kotputli, Jaipur.  

In core B group we have skilled R&D team with the vision to provide maximum profitable products by reducing the weight of trailer by using high grade imported steel to benefit the customers with more Payload at nominal cost.

Corporate Brochure

What we do

We are one of the largest manufactures of truck trailers, tipping trailers, oil tankers, cement bulkers and prefabricated structure. We have constructed a wide and well functional infrastructural unit that plays an important role in the growth of our company. We offer these products at reasonable rates and delivers within the promised time-frame. We have gained huge client base across the nation.


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Our Mission

Core B group is popularly known for its innovative approach across all over India. The reason that make our believe system so strong is that innovation is the key to success because the industry is growing and developing day by day so to cope up the demand we not only have to take the first steps but the faster steps as well so keeping that in mind Core B in association with Hindalco have developed a problem solving product which was India’s first aluminum trailer this was proved to be a revolutionary step in this industry. Similarly with perseverance and innovative thinking we create reforms in this industry for the betterment of our client as well as for the industry.

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